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Egyptian skyline


The Nile Delta's unique climate and fertile soil contribute to the growth of the highest-quality durable cotton fibres, enhancing its reputation as the best cotton in the world.


Our collection champions Egyptian cotton, with thread counts ranging from 400 to an extravagant 1000, ensuring a luscious cocoon for your slumber.


Born out of a love affair with quality and comfort, for three generations, our product has catered exclusively to the discerning Arabian market.


As time unfurled its tapestry, an irresistible yearning emerged from the international luxury buyer, craving locally made, locally sourced truly Egyptian opulent linens.

Since 1948, the deep-rooted history of Cairo lives vibrantly in our linen products; our soul and heritage are passed down through generations of expert craftsmanship.


Our linen is manufactured in the heart of Cairo by Egyptians, using timeless and traditional weaving methods.

Organic cotton
Tait Cairo | Premium Egyptian Cotton
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